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The Blessed Damozel

This version of The Blessed Damozel is taken from the original printing of 1850. The texts were revised in later printings by Rossetti.

The Blessed Damozel has been produced in an edition of 35 numbered copies and printed by hand on an Albion handpress. The main body of the text has been handset in 24pt Monotype Caslon Old Face, 5 copies have been printed on Margaux Timotee handmade paper, and 30 copies on 175 gsm Somerset Book paper from the St Cuthberts Mill.

The 30 copies are bound in quarter vellum and have Cabinetmakers Blue handmade paper from the Ruscombe Mill in Margaux, France covering the boards. They have a label to the spine and a label on the front board.

170mm x 260mm or 6.75 ins x  9.5ins, 25pp.

The book has been made in a traditional style that once prevailed in the Private Press movement. The 72pt Cloister Initials were cast by the late Greg Walters and printed using a Cossack Red ink. The last remaining copies are without slipcases an available at £135.00 + p&p.

The 5 handmade paper copies are all sold.

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